Embark on a Journey with Blu Range Cebu Tours: Join as a Travel Agency Office Assistant Today!

Hey there, fellow travel enthusiast! Are you tired of just daydreaming about exotic destinations and far-off lands? Do you yearn to turn your passion for exploration into a rewarding career? Well, guess what? Your passport to an exciting journey is right here!

Position: Travel Agency Office Assistant 🌟
Location: Punta Princesa, Cebu City, Cebu
Type: Full-Time
Probationary Period: 6 months

About Us:
At Blu Range Cebu Tours, we don’t just sell trips; we create unforgettable experiences! We’re not your ordinary travel agency – we’re the memory-makers, the itinerary-crafters, and the joy-bringers. Our team is a bunch of spirited globe-trotters who believe that the world is meant to be explored, one destination at a time.

What You’ll Do:
Picture this: You’ll be the heartbeat of our office – the go-to person for all things travel-tastic! You’ll chat with excited clients about their dream getaways, curate mind-blowing itineraries that could make a seasoned explorer gasp, and make travel dreams come true, all while sipping on coffee that practically shouts “adventure.”

Spread Wanderlust: Connect with clients, whether they’re wanderers at heart or first-time adventurers, and sprinkle your travel magic to help them find their perfect escapade.

Craft Dreamy Destinations: Mix and match destinations, activities, and experiences to create itineraries that sound like they’re straight out of a fantasy novel – and yet, oh-so-real.

Make Booking a Breeze: Wave your wand (figuratively, of course) and turn complex flight details, accommodation options, and tour packages into simple and exciting choices.

Be a Troubleshooting Hero: Sometimes travel hiccups happen – flights get delayed, bags take an extended vacation, and plans might need some last-minute jazzing up. You’ll be there to save the day and turn a potential travel blip into an adventure tale.

What You Bring to the Table:
Passion for travel? Check. Friendly demeanor? Check. A knack for making even the most mundane travel details sound like the opening chapter of an epic saga? Double-check!

Wanderlusting Spirit: You eat, sleep, and breathe travel. Your bucket list has its own bucket list, and you can’t help but chat about your latest travel stories.

Superb Organizational Skills: You can handle more itineraries than there are countries in the world. Multitasking is your middle name.

People Person Power: You light up rooms with your smile, and you’re as comfortable chatting with solo travelers as you are with families and couples.

Perks and Benefits:
Get ready to pack your bags (literally and metaphorically) because the perks are as exciting as a first-class upgrade!

– 🌴 Travel Perks: Unlock exclusive travel discounts and deals that will make your inner explorer dance with joy.

– 🎉 Team Adventures: Join our team outings and familiarization trips – because who said work and play can’t be the same thing?

– ☕ Coffee (or Tea) and Dream Planning: Endless caffeine + brainstorming sessions = magical itineraries.

– 💼 Growth Opportunities: Climb the career ladder faster than you can say “boarding pass,” with opportunities for skill enhancement and professional growth.

Ready to embark on this amazing journey with us? Dust off your suitcase and send us your most adventurous application today! Whether you’re a travel industry pro or a rookie with a heart full of wanderlust, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Note: This is not just a job; it’s a chance to turn dreams into reality.

Apply now by sending your resume and a cover letter that showcases your love for travel and why you’re the perfect fit for the role. 

Blu Range Cebu Tours – Where Every Day is a Journey! 🌎

Application Deadline: September 23, 2023

PS: If you’ve got a travel-themed joke up your sleeve, feel free to share it in your cover letter! We appreciate a good laugh almost as much as a great travel story. And don’t forget, use the subject: “Application: Travel Agency Office Assistant | [Your Full Name]” – attention to detail is your passport to being noticed! 🌍 Those who dare to skip instructions might miss this incredible journey.

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Hannah is the co-founder of Blu Range Cebu Tours. She and her partner's passion for travel led them to start Blu Range Cebu Tours, a company that combines their love of adventure with their love of helping others. She is an experienced travel industry professional who has worked with numerous clients, from individuals to large groups, to create unique, personalized, and memorable travel experiences. With an extensive background in the tourism industry, including training accredited by the Philippines' Department of Tourism, she is highly knowledgeable about the local culture and attractions in Cebu & the Philippines.

Hannah currently leads the team at Blu Range Cebu Tours, ensuring that each of our clients receives exceptional service. She is passionate about helping visitors to Cebu enjoy a unique, unforgettable experience while exploring the beauty of the Philippines. From custom-crafted itineraries to exclusive activities and tours, Hannah works with each client individually to create a memorable travel experience that leaves an impact well beyond their return home.