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Once upon a time, two adventurous souls named Cyrus and Hannah loved nothing more than exploring the world and all its wonders. But one day, they realized that their passion for travel was more than just a hobby. It was a calling.

Our passion for travel and events led us to start Blu Range Cebu Tours, a company that combines our love of adventure with our love of helping others...

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Their hearts beat for wanderlust, and their souls ached for something more. And so, they set out to create a business that would combine their love of adventure with their desire to help others experience the joy of travel. And thus, Blu Range Cebu Tours was born.

But their journey wasn’t without its challenges. They discovered that the tourism industry in Cebu was lacking in tailored experiences that catered to each individual’s preferences. But Cyrus and Hannah refused to give up. They saw an opportunity to create something special and unique, and they seized it with both hands.

Blu Range Cebu Tours was born out of a desire to provide hassle-free, customized tours that would allow people to connect with each other and with the beauty of the Philippines. Their purpose was clear: to give people livelihood in the rural areas, above average income where they don’t need to be away from their families, and to prevent heavy urban migration & abandoning rural areas.

With Blu Range Cebu Tours, Cyrus and Hannah wanted to create a new bliss for their clients, a sense of wonder and awe that would stay with them long after their journey had ended. They offer a wide range of tours that cater to any taste, from adrenaline-pumping sports adventures to relaxing retreats in beautiful beach resorts, from cultural adventures through heritage sites to visits with friendly wildlife such as monkeys or dolphins, and even personalized tours for big groups!

But that’s not all! They also offer tours and travel packages to international destinations. Their travel packages are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that every detail is taken care of, from flights and accommodation to tours and activities.

Blu Range Cebu Tours is more than just a travel company. They are passionate travelers who believe in celebrating the beauty of the Philippines and preventing brain drain for the country. They are committed to making a positive impact on the communities they serve by partnering with local communities in the delivery of their services.


As they continue to grow and expand their business, they remain dedicated to their mission. They believe that every detour leads to a paved highway, and they’re excited to see where their journey will take them next.

“Our passion for travel and events led us to start Blu Range Cebu Tours, a company that combines our love of adventure with our love of helping others,” said Hannah, one of their founders.

Their name, Blu Range Cebu Tours, embodies everything they offer – a thrilling adventure all around the world that is hassle-free and tailored just for you. The combination of blue and orange represents tranquility, joy, and happiness, while “range” signifies wandering around and traveling to new destinations.

So come and join them on a journey of a lifetime. Let Blu Range Cebu Tours be your guide, and they’ll take care of all the details so that you can focus on having fun and creating unforgettable memories. With them, you’ll discover new horizons, meet new friends, and experience new cultures – all while creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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Hannah is the co-founder of Blu Range Cebu Tours. She and her partner's passion for travel led them to start Blu Range Cebu Tours, a company that combines their love of adventure with their love of helping others. She is an experienced travel industry professional who has worked with numerous clients, from individuals to large groups, to create unique, personalized, and memorable travel experiences. With an extensive background in the tourism industry, including training accredited by the Philippines' Department of Tourism, she is highly knowledgeable about the local culture and attractions in Cebu & the Philippines.

Hannah currently leads the team at Blu Range Cebu Tours, ensuring that each of our clients receives exceptional service. She is passionate about helping visitors to Cebu enjoy a unique, unforgettable experience while exploring the beauty of the Philippines. From custom-crafted itineraries to exclusive activities and tours, Hannah works with each client individually to create a memorable travel experience that leaves an impact well beyond their return home.